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Final Week Five Reminder + Theme Suggestions

Absolute final reminder to get your icons in for Snow. Submit to this screened post.

Also, please use this post to suggest any themes that you would like to do. Even if we don't use them to the letter, we'd like to see what kind of interests our members lean towards. For example, we wouldn't want to lean heavily on picture themes if most members prefer lyric themes, or vice versa. We've done a few different kinds of themes now, and are wondering which ones were best received. Please leave your opinions on the following, if you would:

1. Random one-word concept themes. Examples so far: Mischief, Snow, L33T.
Do you like these themes? What did you or did you not like about the themes chosen so far? Are they too easy/difficult, specific/restricting or nonspecific/loose, boring/common? Do you have any suggestions for future concept themes?

2. Lyrical themes. Examples so far: Wake Up, Angel! by Funta.
Were the lyrics of the song not suited well enough to CCS and its characters/themes? What kind of lyrical themes would you like to see in the future? As in, happy/fast songs, slow songs, romantic songs, angsty songs, etc. Do you have any specific songs in mind that fit CCS and would make a good lyrical theme?

3. Picture themes. Examples so far: Tomoyo's Candle.
Was the picture difficult to work with? Was the image provided of high-enough quality to work with? Do you have a preferred minimum resolution for source images you work with on icons? In the future, would you like for there to be two or three images to choose from? Are there any specific images you'd like to see given as themes? If so, please either describe, link a thumbnail, or give a link to an actual copy of the image.

4. Character themes. Examples so far: Tomoyo's Candle (technically..... though not exactly).
How often would you like for there to be a character theme? (Once a month, once every two months, every X weeks...?) Would you like for sample images of characters to be posted with the theme announcement/submission posts? Any specific character pattern you want followed? (ie, =major character, minor character, major, minor, major, minor= or =minor, minor, major, minor, minor, major=) Would you like there to be a monthly/bimonthly Clow Card theme, in which the week's theme is a specific Clow Card?

5. Quote themes. Examples so far: none....
This would be something like a lyrical theme, only the subject would be a sonnet or poem or short passage from a book or a famous quote/proverb or even something said in a different anime or manga. (Think along the lines of "Don't let the muggles get you down" [Harry Potter books], "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" [Shakespeare], and "With death comes hope and rebirth" [Sailor Saturn, BSSM]. You know-- random quotes from various sources.) Any suggestions for where to get quotes, what kind of quotes, etc, would be vastly appreciated. Feel free to leave a few gems in this post.

6. Other ideas.
What other ideas do you have for theme types?

Please take the time to give at least a brief response, as we would like to make as many participants as possible happy with the theme situation.

This is also partially an excuse to post the following banner/link, because I feel it's important. Note to mods: try including it in all posts for the next couple weeks, either in addition to or in place of Random Pimpages.

You can make a difference.
Just by spreading the call for help.

They need help in the worst way. I mean, I've heard several science-types saying the Earth's rotational axis was shifted by four seconds by this quake. That's a strong quake. And as someone who lives in SoCal, where earthquakes are a very real possibility.... I know I would want people to help me by donating as much as possible if the Pacific Rim were to be hit so hard.

And if nothing else convinces you.... Make a big donation before December 31st, and it'll be a nice deduction on your tax returns for the year. If you don't do taxes cos you're too young.... well, whine at your parents that it's tax deductable and get them to donate.

Besides, you never know when someone else's donations may help you rebuild your house and feed you someday.

Thanks for participating in our contests and making ccs_awards the lovely community it is today.
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