Rebby (rebmastu) wrote in ccs_awards,

week 105 reminder

Howdy howdy, guys 'n gals! Poppin' in to remind everyone that Friday's coming up pretty soon here, so be sure to enter an icon or two for our very last theme, m'kay? Remember, you can make as many icons as you want for any theme that you can think of! You may choose to do two seperate themes, should you wish.

Again, all: This is ccs_awards's FINAL WEEK! Let's make it an epic one, eh? Everybody enter! xD Even one icon is fine! Seriously though, invite your friends, tell everybody you can think of. The more the merrier!

We've already recieved a few submissions, but enough is never enough for this kind of theme! That said, here's your link to week 105's submission post, UNLIMITED ICON WORKS. See you there! XD
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