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week 104 results

Week 104: LIAR!
{submission} {voting}

Hey, if you take hours into account, we're really not all that late =D
Well, actually, we are.

F I R S T     P L A C E


S E C O N D     P L A C E


T H I R D     P L A C E


F U L L     R E S U L T S
jedisakora hoshi3 nebulasan jedisakora

For those who wanted a little more clarification on the closing of the community:
rebmastu and I have been struggling with the idea for roughly the last 20+ weeks. The community is no longer any fun for us to run, and so much cheating and tactical voting goes on every week that it's not even worth posting new themes anymore, which is why, for this last week, we hope our members go legit. Come on guys, you can do it! It's going to be a fun theme, so let's all do it right! CLENCH THOSE TEETH!

And hey! Speaking of last themes, rebmastu's got Week 105: UNLIMITED ICON WORKS up already, but we don't have any icons! GASPS. You guys should enter, seriously. It'll be great. We can have chips, and soda, and play some music, you could even invite some friends.. scratch that. They'd probably vote for you. AHAHAHAHA. THAT'S CHEATING!
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